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Encircled was founded by Kristi Soomer, a former management consultant who virtually lived in airports and travelled over 100,000 miles a year. Kristi started Encircled with the dream of helping women travel lighter. Frustrated with the lack of versatile clothing that blended style with function, she started designing it. She believed strongly after years of working in the retail industry that she wanted Encircled to be ethically-made, sustainable and sweatshop-free.

In 2012, Kristi created Encircled’s first design, the Chrysalis Cardi, and started selling it online. As a self-taught fashion designer, she loves taking basic silhouettes and challenging them to do more. Today, Kristi is the CEO of Encircled, and leads the team at the Toronto HQ (plus the office dog, Harlow!).

We began with a desire to create clothing so you could travel lighter in comfort and with style. As the brand grew, we questioned if carry-on only travel is possible, why do we need so much clothing at home?
On average, women wear about 50% of their closet, which means there’s space for less in your wardrobe, and room for more versatile options.
We want you to actually wear the clothing you own (like, a lot). We believe that the most sustainable garment is the one with seasonless design that stands the test of time.
This is why we believe in designing clothing that can simplify your life by taking you from day to night, work to weekend, and New York to Tokyo.