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WriteLessBad makes you look good.

Have you ever received an email or business proposal with egregious grammar and poor writing voice/style? Maybe even the purpose and message was unclear? What are your initial judgments? The company is unprofessional? Uneducated? Not to be taken seriously?

Don't be that guy.

Because how we communicate is so vital and carefully scrutinized, as business owners, it is imperative we present our best selves to our customers and colleagues. At WriteLessBad, our job is to ensure this is done, while allowing you and your team to focus on what you do best: building your business, network and technology platforms and selling your product.

Don't be mistaken: WriteLessBad does not just fix grammatical errors. We work intimately with your team, so we deliver the most effective message to your clients and investors that aligns with your brand and product. Inbound marketing is all the buzz nowadays, and for good reason—it works.

Let your written content do the work for you. Position your company as a thought leader with content that engages and excites, which effectively drives traffic to your site. This in turn brings you new leads and business. Sure beats cold calling!


Sabrina Must, Founder

Masters in Writing, Northwestern University
Bachelors in Writing, Johns Hopkins University
LinkedIn Profile

Sabrina Head Shot for CG minus logo

Listen to the interview on the MATE Podcast about the importance of crafting killer copy!


Sabrina efficiently and effectively edited a high-stakes document in time-critical fashion. We are certain to utilize her services again.

Founder, Energy Consultant Firm 

As a math major, writing papers did not come as easily to me as others. When I saw that a class required me to write a paper, I immediately felt anxious. However, once I started working with Sabrina, that all quickly changed. Not only did Sabrina help me achieve the grades that I wanted, but she also instilled a confidence in me that I never had as a writer. Sabrina always made herself available when I had a deadline and was a pleasure to work with. I am truly grateful for the lessons that I learned while working with Sabrina.

University Student

Appreciate the quick turnaround! Has anyone ever told you you're really good at what you do, Sabrina?!

CEO, Healthcare Platform

I've been using WriteLessBad to write articles, blog posts, scripts, and other messages for about a year now. I was having trouble ;finding my voice' and felt like everything I was writing sounded really choppy and not impactful. I'm getting so much more engagement since we started working together in addition to other PR opportunities (features) that I attribute to Sabrina's help! Simply put, Sabrina is a valuable resource who allowed me to express myself in a way I couldn't do! She delivers articles promptly (always works around my deadlines) and is open to edits and any tweaking if needed. I can't recommend her more!

Lifestyle Blogger

I feel compelled to share how great it has been to work with Sabrina. She understands deadlines, has a tremendous work ethic, and the quality of her work is excellent—better than anyone who we have worked with in the past.

CEO, Marketing Firm

I was pretty happy with the website content that I had created myself and was patting myself on the back, but still decided to hire WriteLessBad to get an expert set of eyes on it. This proved to be one of the best decisions I have made in the short history of my firm, for whom the face of the business is its website. Sabrina (very) promptly cleaned up all the grammar, punctuation and syntax of which I was so proud, making my website immediately far more compelling with her ability to better say in five words what I was saying in eight. I unreservedly recommend her for her responsiveness, diligence and clear thinking.

Founder, Investment Advisory Firm

It's been incredibly helpful having Sabrina as a writing resource. At a startup, every piece of communication matters. Sabrina edits emails, press releases, scripts, and investor decks for us but is also able to provide valuable feedback on how we are communicating our value. This gives us confidence in our deliverables while also freeing us up to work on things we're actually good at. I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to end that sentence with 'at'. I'll have Sabrina reword it.

CEO of a FinTech Startup